I was thinking, I have failed to post enough for cashout 3 mnths

@sharone74 (4839)
United States
September 25, 2007 6:04am CST
And I could care less, well it would be tough to care less than I do but I really could! I liked the extra money that they sent me every month back at the beginning of the year, but like a lot of the mylotteers I posted several discussions relating how it isn't about the money here on this site, but about the interraction and the chance to both speak your mind and to allow others to do the same. Well since mylot got all of the new members and the earnings began to tank I have not made enough on here to be paid since June. Commitments in the real space have taken precedence over spending a lot of time here on the 'lot. This site though is about so MUCH MORE than just a little extra pocket change, or rankings, or all of the people that make nonsensical posts just for more pennies. It is about whatever you want or need it to be about anytime that you need to vent, or need personal and emotional support and validation of your innermost feelings. I just read a discussion here where the poster is truly sharing something intimate about seeing a divorce attorney to disolve her marriage after infidelity. She said that she has a doctor's appointment tommorrow for STD testing since there are rumors that one of her husbands paramours is HIV positive. NO MATTER HOW LONG AGO THIS WAS POSTED PLEASE TAKE A MOMENT TO SAY A BRIEF PRAYER FOR HER WELLBEING, if you pray that is. What is so amazing about this post is not the bald faced truth and revelatory nature of the topic but even in all the uncertainty and the pain that she is living in right now she neither wishes her former spouse ill, nor does she ever want him in her intimate life again. She also places the priority and her focus upon the welfare and wellbeing of her children. I find the quiet strength and resiliance that she displays in this relatively brief post inspiring, unnerving, beautiful, courageous, humbling, and exemplary of the reasons that I love this site and muddle on on here even thought the earnings are so insignificant nowadays. You can't put a price on inspiration so......I like that my lot has people like this lady in it, and that they like myself are in this for the autonomy and anonymity to say what you think, what you feel, and tell whats up with you at any given time. My warm fuzzy feelings for this forum have been revived and restored!!!!!!!!!!!!
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@beyonce03 (2331)
• Canada
25 Sep 07
I'M also not only here for the money and it,s been a while since I've got my last payment. Like you, I don,t really care. I'M here to share my experience with this great community and to read other story. Here to share and to help. I've been updating in this community about my pregnancy and everyone is so kind with me. I feel great when I come here. I will stay here for a long time :)
@cynddvs (2950)
• United States
25 Sep 07
I feel the same way as you. I haven't reach payout in 2 or 3 months. I honestly can't remember. My "real" life has gotten so busy that I haven't been able to spend the time here that I used to. I still come on here to chat with the friends that I've made and periodically check out other discussions and post a few of mine. MyLot has become a great place for me to vent my feelings about various topics and I love hearing other peoples stories as well. I may not reach payout again this month but that's ok to me. There's always next month or even the month after that. I'll just keep trying as I have time.