A Trick To Help Keep You If You Ever Need To Return Your Phone

United States
September 28, 2007 4:59am CST
Have you ever noticed a small round sticker on the inside of your phone, usually where the battery attaches? Well it should be either with or white with some stripe or stripes. Well this is the "Water Damage Detection Sticker" it voids your warrenty and makes any damage that happens to your phone automatically your fault (if it has changed colors) I personally had a problem with a specific phone modlel that I had to keep returning. The second from the lasttime they charged me money due to the fact that they said it had been water damaged even thought I know it had never got wet! So I had to pay a fee to get a working phone. Well when I got the replacment (same crappy model due to contract blah blah blah) *The man at the cell phone company told me that this sticker can change colors (which says water damage so void warrenty) for many other reasons besides actually getting wet. So when I got the new phone home I took my clear nail polish and painted over his sticker with a thin coat. Well I ended up having problems with that phone sooner or later and took it back, well they checked the sticker and I got to get a replacment without paying any fees. So I would really recommend doing this to help save your self from any fees if your phone ever has any problems =) **note i know that this might sound wrong to many people but this sticker is the phone company's way of not fufilling their promise to our warrentys. So its just a way of making things even, I had several problems with that model of phone and so have many others that I know I never got my phone wet but yet I was forced to pay for the same phone because of the faulty sticker, unless I wanted to buy a new phone at full price due to my contract. So give it a try!
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@lilaclady (28240)
• Australia
28 Sep 07
Thank you for this information, it is always good to know these things, it is a confusing world out there and it i good to be armed with all this info..thanks again.
• United States
28 Sep 07
your welcome i just want to help keep others from being completly ripped off by company's that have so much more money then any of us do!!
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@abbey19 (3129)
• Gold Coast, Australia
28 Sep 07
Wow - that's a little gem of information for us BinKsBaBy, thankyou. The same happened to my son a while ago - he took his phone back and they said it had gotten wet (my son was adamant it hadn't), and he had to pay a fee for another phone. It happens so many times when you try to claim on a warranty and are told it's null and void for some obscure reason, so thank you for the tip of painting over the sticker with clear nail polish - I will certainly try it out next time I get a new phone. Thanks again.
• United States
29 Sep 07
Well the way I see it is that sticker is just one of the many ways us a consumers get ripped off, if the sales man at the store even said the stickers can even change from the warmth of being in your pocket alot as well as many other ways. that tells us right there that they are not 100% accurate, so why should we be the ones that have to be stuck with the bill, plus it should be plenty obvious the difference in aphone that is not functioning properly due to a development issue and one thats not working due to being droped in the toliet!!