Is criminal mind genetic?error of parents?enviourmental factors /predestined?

@humbleme (1004)
September 28, 2007 10:46pm CST
Hello friends, Is criminal or evil mind genetic? or error of parents to raise up their child correctly? if its the fault of the parents then why mentality varies even in some twins ie one becomes honest and the other a criminal minded? If your point is enviourmental factor is the reason then the twin brothers are brought up under same parental guidance and same enviourment, but still one becomes honest and the other holds a criminal evil mind? WHY??????? Therefore do you think the real source of criminal and evil mind couldbe predestined on the basis of past life karma?
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@Pose123 (21667)
• Canada
29 Sep 07
Hi humbleme, It is very difficult to answer that question. Some children have little chance in life, having to take care of themselves from a very early age. A child born in the slums, who can rarely remember seeing his mother when she wasn't drunk, and having no idea who his father might be, is much more likely to turn out a criminal, then someone raised by two loving and caring parents. On the other hand, some who turn to a life of crime are raised in good homes, and this would make me think that it is genetic. Both may be true, depending on circumstances. Blessings.
@humbleme (1004)
• India
29 Sep 07
Hello Pose123, Thanks for your response, and yes its a difficult question as I am confused, I agree with your points but what about the TWIN brothers who has the same genetical codes received from their dad and mom, the two brothers get the same enviourment and guidance of same dad and mom still then WHY one becomes honest and the other with evil/harmful naughty/criminal minded right from the childhood?Does that mean parents love is unequal towards their own two child?