Theatres allow kids to watch "A" ceritified films

@subathra (3519)
September 30, 2007 1:13am CST
Before putting the facts in black and white i wish to state the law since source blind eyes towards the people who break the law.This type of events happen regularly..(ADULT) Content be it violence or any other vulgar acts can be detrimental to childrens behaviour.. Parents take their children to theatre knowing that the film is given a "A" Certificate.Experianced people say that the childrens mind easily grab things.That is why children practice in their real life what they see in films.when parents go to theatres they must make sure the film is suitable to their children..In spite of knowing it is "A" rated film they take their children to that film. In newspaper the journist have even published photographs of children along with adult people entering theatre which shows this kind of movies..Also i have heard childrens in school levels too go to movies without parents knowledge.. There is law to disallow kids to that film.Eventhat they are allowed to enter the theatre by the owners of theatre because they think of only money than thinking that it could be bad for the children. The law must take its responsibility to prevent children entering the theatre if the film is issued "A" certificate.Once or twice if the police raid the theatre once in a way the theatre owners will not entertain the children seeing the films which are prohibited for the kids..
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@dpk262006 (56599)
• Delhi, India
4 Oct 07
Suba, A very good post! But you see now a days we cannot prevent children from watching 'A' certificate moview, if they cannot go to cinema halls, they can always watch it on CDs and DVDs, there is no restriction on they watchinga 'A' certificate CD. In cinema hall, you can stop them, but they will find another means to watch an adult movie.
@rb200406 (1825)
• India
2 Oct 07
Acvtually the most important responsibilty is of parents .They should not take kids to theatre at all.Actually upto a certain age children should not be allowed to see TV or Cinema in my opinion.
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@Ciniful (1589)
• Canada
30 Sep 07
Obviously you feel strongly about the issue, but I want to point out a few misconceptions, and my own opinion of course. First of all, there is no study that proves that violence seen is violence learned. Yes, you hear about cases of children copying the movies ... it's the excuse that's given instead of placing blame where it belongs .. on the parents who did a miserable job of actually parenting their children. Movies and stories are not to blame for the actions of others, any more than McDonalds can be blamed for people being overweight. That being said, I have never taken my children to an adult themed movie at the theater, BUT I do watch them at home with my kids. Horror, thriller, drama ... we watch them as a family. I do NOT censor my children from watching fictional violence, because I know that they see it in their comic books, video games, school, news, tv shows, cartoons, etc. We live in a violent world. The solution is NOT to hide them away from it and pretend it doesn't exist. When you do that, you leave them unprepared for how to deal with it when they ARE old enough. You can't keep them in a bubble forever. Instead, I taught my children about it. I talked to them about the difference between reality and fiction, about right and wrong ways of handling conflict, about violent versus non violent actions and reactions. I don't have to worry about sheltering my children and pretending violence isn't part of their lives, because I know that when they are ready to wander into the world, I've equipped them with the right attitude and mentality to be able to handle it.
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