Do you know how to handle your credit card properly?

September 30, 2007 6:24pm CST
Wise buying is what I always try to follow whenever I make use of my credit cards. But when my bills arrive, I get stunned at how I have overspent and I start to back track if what I did was right. Unfortunately, I am still in the stage of learning how to handle my expenses. I try not to buy unwanted and not needed things, but I still can't get the hang of being a wise consumer. Do you have suggestions of how I can be better with how to handle my credit card expenses?
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@jureathome (5363)
• Philippines
17 Apr 12
First rule is always use cash if you have it. The more you get used to swiping your card away, you'll lose a sense of value on cash, and you should not get to that stage, otherwise, you're doomed. You should be aware of what your limit is, and your capability to pay. As much as possible, pay for the whole amount charged before the next due date to avoid finance charges. These charges will soon, more than double your actual credited amount, so try to avoid that, too. And, yes, only use your credit card for emergencies and for important purchases and when you don't have enough cash. I was in a bad credit situation before, and it was a nightmare. I don't get to enjoy my salary anymore, which should have been more than enough for my needs. It seemed like I'm working to pay my credit card bills, and I only get to keep a few cash. I don't want that to happen again, as I've already managed to clear all my credit cards.
@lilaclady (28246)
• Australia
5 Feb 12
I do try very hard to keep my credit card under control and I am not too bad, I just know my limits and it is very rare when I have to pay interest, I just control my spending...