Do you believe that marijuana should be legalized?

United States
October 27, 2006 6:12pm CST
I do. I believe that the legalization of marijuana would result in a controlled dosage that would be safer for everyone who partakes. I believe that the legalization of marijuana would prevent the organizaed and individual crime that is now associated with it. The legallization of marijuana would also make it harder for minors to acquire. It would also bring in a huge revenue in tax dollars - something this country needs desperately and it would create jobs.
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@mandakat (879)
• Canada
31 Oct 06
I think I'm more for legalization than against, but I'm not sure. I don't feel educated enough on the subject. I'm not sure if legalization would encourage usage... and increase impaired driving (and then overflow in the legal system) and whatnot. But I do agree that we could get more control over the substance, create jobs, and whatnot :)
• United States
31 Oct 06
I think we're going to have an issue with impaired driving with or without the legalization of it until we get truly tough on people who drive under the influence. But by legalizing it, it would make it harder for the kids to get their hands on it, too. And controlling the dosage would make a big difference in the driving under the influence.
• Netherlands
1 Nov 06
It is here and it works just fine being legal as the teens are numb to it and it holds no excitement for them. The majority of people who actually smoke it here are tourists. (From what I have noticed.) My boyfriend never even thinks about it and there is not more crime because of it. They have rules around it of course but it just isn't a big deal here as it is in USA.