Portabable technology we cannot do without... but...

@ahgong (10066)
October 4, 2007 10:33pm CST
In this day and age where portable technology is common, and everyone cannot do without some sort of handy device, be it a MP3 player, a handphone or a PDA... the all have one thing in common. A battery. And depending on your usage, it has to be charged pretty regularly for continuous usage. Ever been in a situation where you are fast running out of juice for your handphone and you are desperately looking for an outlet where you can plug in your charger to charge your handphone? But no matter where you go, either the free, usable plugs are used by some laptop user or there isn't one to be found. If say there is a portable product in the market that can solve the above problem... how much are you willing to pay to get one? What would you primarily use it for? Handphone charging? or PDA charging? which type of portable would you prefer? The type where you have to get batteries to charge your portable device? Or The type where the portable charger does not require external sources to generate power to charge your portable devices? Or The type where there are multiple adapters for you to tap into a wall plug or a car socket to charge your portable devices? I was doing some shopping recently and I found a shop selling some of these nifty chargers and found them interesting. I was wondering if any of you would buy one if you came across one... heh heh...
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• Philippines
5 Oct 07
i think i prefer the multiple adapters. because it is handy you can bring it anywhere you go. and it can be use any where..it can be plug in the computer, different wall sockets and many more. your question was if i saw a nifty charger i think i will first check its use and how helpful it is to use. i wont expend my money in an unsure thing. thank you