Make-shift dishes turn out better than planned ones.

@kalav56 (11497)
October 5, 2007 6:27am CST
I have often found that my sudden, resourceful, innovative make-shift dishes taste far superior to well planned ones. Sometimes, i will be required to turn in a very fast meal and I will just cut some assorted veg, add all sorts of spices and cook very fast. Here I will get great praises from not only others but my own tastebuds would proclaim it to be a winner. On the other hand, once or twice when I take a lot of extra care, grind spices separately, saute them all patiently , mix and cook with a lot of care and attention to meticulous detail, I end up praising the erstwhile make-shift dish. Perhaps, there it is much better than one's expectation and so it is much tastier. On the other hand in the case of the latter, expectation creeps in with so much of planning. What do you think? I am sure many housewives would have had similar experiences.
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@goodsign (2287)
• Malaysia
5 Oct 07
I'm glad to hear that you enjoy your cooking. That will be great if 'make-shift dishes' turns to new menu for every month, means 12 new recipes in a year.
@kalav56 (11497)
• India
5 Oct 07
Thanks for your response. In fact I myself thought of the new recipe part only after I read your response.. I was not even aware that I had a new recipe in hand.
@lightningMD (5932)
• United States
5 Oct 07
I agree,sometimes the meals I just toss together fast are better tasting then the ones I worked all day on.Y ou might be right about the whole expectation thing. Although yesterday I made a planned meal that came out wonderful. Everyone loved it,even the picky eater in the house.