My mom was almost conned into buying cutlery

October 7, 2007 5:48pm CST
It's a classical con played in many variations. Here it goes. My father was working in the garden when a big BMW stopped, a man in suit got out of the car and said he just came from a neighbor a lawyer where I delivered cutlery bought at a fair. He had some left over and had asked the neighbor to tell him where he could stop to sell it at rockbottom price. The laywer (neighbor) advice him to go to and stop at my dad's house. This was his story. My mum less naive than my dad, asked where he came from, he pointed to some house in the distance. My mum replied I know these people there's no laywer living there, he then said no it's the house behind it they just moved in. My mum said I would have know if a house was on sale. Then my dad remembered he came from the opposite direction as to the direction he supposedly came from. Something was fishy. Turns out this con is played on many people to sell overpriced low quality products that look expensive. Anyone experienced something like this?
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• United States
7 Oct 07
Gosh yes, I've experience similar incidents. When I was an independent trucker you ran into all kinds of scams people would try to pull at truck stops. The cheap junk that was supposedly "hot" expensive stuff scam was pretty darn common. Glad your folks did not fall for it.
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• Belgium
7 Oct 07
I heard of a different one that sold speakers supposedly left behind by the Rolling Stones. The guy who bought it didn't have enough money to pay for their high markup junk that he even sold his leatherjacket to them. I wonder what he must have thought when he found out his speakers were cheap junk.
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@lilaclady (28240)
• Australia
7 Oct 07
I remember when I first went out into a flat on my own I was conned all the time, I was talked into a set of saucepans, knives, anythong I just couldn't say no luckily here in Australia it law that you have a cooling off period of a few days so the transaction never went ahead in the end, I was so bad i just had to put a sign up to say no selling please, not that stopped them...
• Belgium
7 Oct 07
Well lilaclady I just have this wonderful .... hahaha