I Discovered Wordpress and so Can You

@KennethF (102)
United States
October 7, 2007 5:57pm CST
I am spreading the word to family, friends and strangers about the value and power of Wordpress as a blogging platform. I now do the bulk of my business blogging on Wordpress. Why? Wordpress has high SEO (Search Engion Optimization). Your blogs will probably be seen by Google and other search engions. In business we entrepreneurs want to be seen. Wordpress is a very user friendly way of blogging. Everything you need to put together a great blog is there. You first create categories. This helps to organize your blogs, and as you start producing massive quantities of blogs you will be very happy that Wordpress offers this feature. I like that feature as categories are like the table of contents and index for your blogs. You can create multiple categories for each blog. The categories are listed on the margin of the your blog site's screen and serves to let people and yourself know how many blogs relate to what category. They are also listed next to the tags underneath the title as readers view your blog. I create blogs about real estate, local information, parks, nature and more. I have many blogs listed in the category of "real estate." I also may include for the same blog the categories of, "homes," "Tallahassee," "neighborhoods." You can add or remove categories anytime, but you start the process of creating your blog by checking off or creating categories. Then you keyboard your blog title and your blog body. After you complete your blog, you get to choose tags. Tags are important. Whereas Categories serve as a directory of blogs once the readers or blog author are inside the blog site, and are internal to the blog interface, Tags serve to let search engions and other sites know about a blog topic and where it is located. Tags market the blogs. Tags are the keywords found inside a particular blog. This is similar to creating keywords for web pages in a website. Some keywords are more in demand than others. Creating blogs means carefully thinking out which categories to choose from, or if it is necessary which new categories to create, and what tags to input at the bottom of the blog to make your blog found by the world. With Wordpress, you can archive blogs if you have more than you require on a page. You can indicate how many blogs can appear on one page. There is so much customization you can do with a Wordpress blog. You can even choose themes and change the themes whenever you like keeping your work intact. I also like the Add Page feature. Not only can I create so many blogs, I can also add pages. The pages are announced on the margin, and hold the blogs, even though the blogs stand out. However, the reader has to go to your blog site to find both your blogs and uour pages. If a reader searches in a search engion for ceramic frogs and are taken to your Wordpress blog about ceramic blogs, the reader will view just the blog about ceramic frogs and no other blog you have on your site, and will not be able to view your pages. You would need to add the blog domain name if you want readers to view your blog site with the pages included. I have an About Me page, and the Homebuying Process page. I hope to add more pages and turn my blog site into a complete website.Go to http://Wordpress.com. To visit my blog and leave comments go to http://KennethFach.wordpress.com
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@goodsign (2287)
• Malaysia
7 Oct 07
I surfed it just now, good and nice blog of yours. Well arranged for archives, categories, blogroll and the lists. And your offer for "Get Free Acorns For Your Home'. Thanks for your sincere providing.
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@locosz (61)
• Malaysia
13 Jul 08
I see..you really like wordpress so do I. But i'm not using free wordpress.com service i host at a web hosting. And it's really tough, but it easy and i really like wordpress rather than blogger or blogsome. With wordpress i can get more template and plugin that i like, i'm very like the 3 column theme. I also visited your blog, and you're really like writing. A lot of good informative article in there. If you have time visit my blog at http://runawayz.com.. it's not very interesting but i'm trying..:)
@dimaks (786)
• Japan
28 Oct 07
visited your blog and it is kinda new and fresh :) but it is well done and contemplated. i also use the same blogging platform, it's just that i got lazy about a month ago and so i decided to take a break. i don't really if will ever come back updating it. i hope so. keep posting on your blog, its a good diversion and tool to enhance your writing skills :) good daY!
@domodomo (32)
• Japan
27 Oct 07
Is there any easy way to install WordPress? Is there any software or something that make it easy to install, create or edit page and so on? It looks so difficult. If you compare between Xsite Pro vs Word Press, what are the diference?
@jend80 (2068)
16 Oct 07
Great introduction, I've been thinking of starting on wordpress. Didn't realise you could have more than one blog attached to the same pages. Is this possible on the free blog?