United States
October 9, 2007 10:07am CST
so I really like the new song Nickleback have out Rockstar not only is it a greatsong the video is great too! I really like how the video has a bunch of different people singing or should I say lip singing it's great I think it has to be one off the better video's I have seen lately what do you think?
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@jhl930 (3605)
• United States
28 Jan 08
I also like the song rockstar. I think it is the best song nickelback has put out yet. I also like the video...I thought the same thing as soon as i watched the video for the first time(that is the best video i've saw anyone put out in quiet awhile) I think it gives all of nickelback fans a look into their lifes. I wish they were putting another album out soon!
@dark_ocy (69)
• Romania
2 Jan 08'a very good song and video ! It's written in their own style...very fast lyrics..good and funny! I like it..Listen to the song Animals ..I think you would like it too. It's by far one of the best videos of the year 2007! Ciao
• Israel
21 Dec 07
it's a great song!! i really likes the video with all the famous guys... as a girl who plays drums i always wanted to succeed and be a big rockstar so i really can relate to this song... nickleback done a great job its one of my favorites
• India
19 Nov 07
u gotta listen to "If everyone cared...." its their most amazing song up till now...
@rurique (116)
• Portugal
17 Nov 07
yes...i agree with u. chad kroeger is the vocalist of nickelback and he sings very well and i like his new song to
@nons3n5e (11)
• Canada
13 Nov 07
the song is GREAT but could be better i LOVEd it but it could use improvements, the video, HATED IT!!!, the video stunk on ice, no offense.......
• United States
6 Nov 07
I just saw the video for the first time today, and it is funny. I like to fact that they didnt make a normal story line video and went out of the box. Love the song, just hope that the radio stations dont kill it by playing it to much
• Canada
22 Oct 07
I have heard the song, and I think it's good! I have only seen parts of the video, but I liked what I saw and it is Nickleback so I'm sure I'd like it! PurpleTeddyBear.
@sugarbabe (114)
• Fiji
10 Oct 07
I love all songs sung by Nickelback. Yeah I've also watched that Video and I found it really good. The song itself is just awesome too. I recently downloaded that song and I listen to it almost everyday now. Nickelback happens to be my Fav :-)
@gradyslady (4055)
• United States
9 Oct 07
I've never seen the video, I didn't even know they had one for it. I'll have to find it on youtube. Thanks for letting me know there is a video. And yeah, it is a great song.