John, Paul, George or Ringo?

October 14, 2007 8:01am CST
Who was the best Beatle and why? I can't decide...
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@MaxWerd (17)
• Brazil
18 Dec 07
Yeaah, It's very hard to decide... John: the revolutionary, peacemaker, idealist, psicodelic. Paul: The lover, calm, best vocal. George: A great guitarrist, a mistic, stilous. Ringo: (...). Aaah, he is Ringo, hehe. But I think that I prefer George, cuz he always tried to get better, and in the end of carrer, he was the best beatle (My opinion).
@gabiiiR (13)
• Brazil
9 Nov 07
i like lennon... he rocks! im not quite sure y... i just prefer him to the otherS!
@lauzpauz (115)
3 Nov 07
For me the best beatles were john paul george and ringo, they were all hugely talented and to try and say one of them was better than the others/the best would be a crying shame. Each individual band member contributed something to each and every song, and without each individual contribution there wouldnt have been the collective that was/is known as the beatles.
• Switzerland
2 Nov 07
George was the most talented, but john lennon and McCartney were always trying to hide his talents...=/
@ElicBxn (60892)
• United States
24 Oct 07
I prefered Paul, he wrote the best tunes in my opinion. My former roomie likes Ringo, I feel he was the most "common man" of the 4 some. I feel that they were popular because they each filled a role that made The Beatles more than 4 guys, but a unit of its own. John was the Brains, Paul was the Heart, George was the Spirit and Ringo was the Body. I feel that we each find the part we relate to the best and that's our favorite Beatle.
16 Oct 07
I really don't like to think there was a best Beatle. As collectively they brought a new, fresh and unique sound to music. Individually they were as diferent from each other as was perfectly obvious. And indvidually each Beatle produced things that were unique to themselves and shared that with the world. But now, saddly, two of the The Beatles are no longer with us and we only have Paul and let us enjoy wfhatever either do til we have to say good-bye to them...
• Canada
14 Oct 07
My favourite beatle is Paul McCartney. Talented, good singer, and adorable. I'd want to go back in time and marry him if I wasn't already going back in time to marry Gene Kelly.
@carolbee (16241)
• United States
14 Oct 07
My preference was Paul. He was/is talented and many years ago thought he was a very good looking man.
• Philippines
14 Oct 07
Joelknox, welcome to mylot! For me, John Lennon is the best among the four Beatles member because he is the most talented.