all computer are blocked?

October 14, 2007 11:11am CST
is true that if you change continent for 5 time your computer will be destroyed by an internal component? why this decision?is bill gate fault?
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@Asylum (48266)
• Manchester, England
14 Oct 07
This is a bizarre idea and I cannot imagine that there is any truth in it. Changing continents either by settings or physically should have no undue effect on the computer at all. I think that you may be confusing this with DVD region settings, which would also apply to the DVD drive in a computer. You can change the region setting 5 times, after which it will remain on the final setting that you have chosen.
@Sutocu (65)
14 Oct 07
Yeah, that's the case. I don't think there's anything else in the computer that cares about the continent you live on.