Unforgettable incident.

October 15, 2007 12:35am CST
Everyone has definitly an unforgettable memory or incident in their student life.some have their love, or anything else. In my life i cant forget The moment i got Placed in campus Recruitment.what all things you get remember About your student life.
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@goodsign (2287)
• Malaysia
15 Oct 07
To me the very unforgettable incident was about rusty nail. Until now this event created a great phobia on me. One day I steeped on the rusty nail. But consider still fortunate, because the insertion depth not up to my feet's bone. But it really scary because of the 'rust' material.
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@ajrox1810 (992)
• India
15 Oct 07
Really some incidents in life cannot be forgotten,either good or bad.One of my incidents was which changed my life.My friends and classmates have been acquiring wonderful marks all by cheating while I was not interested in this and maintained my grade of above-average marks.People sometimes made me feel ashamed of this habit but I didn't care.One Day I was unable to prepare for my exams as a relative of mine had experienced a bad accident and was badly injured and needed a lot of care.My brother left me in the hospital knowing that I have my exams the next day and went home.I came home at about 11pm fully exhausted and planned to study the best I can by waking up at 3 AM.To my bad luck,my alarm did not rang,or I was unable to wake up but I didn't studied.The thought to cheat came into my mind and I planned a cheat trick with some of my friends.While doing the exams,I thought of not to cheat and let the exam go,but a bad grade would hurt my report card,so I finally decided to cheat.But while cheating,I was caught and WoW! I cheated the first time and I was caught.I failed in that exam for cheating and from that day I have never cheated.Really,some incidents can change lives. Have a nice day.
• Australia
16 Nov 10
Something similar happened to me. My colleagues always faked signatures of professors on submissions! I got to know of this from a friend of mine. Then I remember practicing a supervisors signature, I genuinely did not remember if I did it; This thing was a very petty daily record which I could have even signed later from the teacher. However, I soon forgot about the ordeal till at the end of the month I was called in to inform that I had forged the signature and the whole department thought I had done it, leave alone the low grades for the whole 6 months I got because of this one thing, moreso i thought I had done it. I didn't argue enough with the teacher either. How I thought what a fool I was! It was a pathetic feeling.
@wolfie34 (26816)
• United Kingdom
19 Nov 07
I was at my college placement at the time, working in a children's nursery with children aged from 2 to 5. There was a little girl who was always crying, her parents had split up and she was upset, anyhow one day I put my arms out to her, she came to me and sat on my lap, she fell asleep in my arms and it was wonderful to see, the other staff were amazed that I had got to sleep and stop crying, I knew then I was good with children and continued my course. I got a good reference from the manager too!
• India
16 Oct 07
yup mate,right u r....we go through umpteen number of incidents in our life but some of them effect us in a way lot`s more different than the others..i have had my share of one such incident at final year of my college.. there was a tamarind tree in my college hostel standing just adjacent to the terrace....we used to place one feet on the curnish of the terrace which was 3rd floor n the other on any of the reachable topmost branches of the tree to pick up few tamarinds. we few guys were particularly good at this. so one day imagine how surprised i was when the branch on which i placed my foot n the other which i was holding, both gave away at the same time...n to reasons unknown i didn`t take usual support of the curnish that day...so that`s what made the most memorable journey of my life falling more then 35 feet on the ground...n throughout the fall the only thought that came to me was"will i survive without much damage"??? needless to say i did survive only with a fractured scapula n shattered ego... but i m still unable to resist climbing trees!!! maybe the damage was not good enough...........
• United States
15 Oct 07
In my nursing classes, student participation was highly encouraged. One day the teacher asked if anyone had any home remedy treatments that really worked. Well, being the hillbilly that I am, I told of how to get rid of a wart. Cut a potato in half, rub each half on the wart, and put it back together. Wrap it in an old rag or dishtowel, and bury it. Sounded so silly, to be saying in front of all the other students, but silly or not this remedy really works. The teacher teased me about it for the rest of the semester!