genes, 2 darked haired parents and a blonde baby!

October 15, 2007 11:12am CST
Until i had my little girl i always was led to believe that the darker coloured gene was more dominant! But then my blonde haired, blue eyed little girl popped out, whilst her father has black hair (blue eyes), when i was born my hair was black but as i got older it was lighter, both of our parents though have blonde hair. After looking further into it there is statistically a one in four chance of two dark haired parents having a blonde child, as if we both carry the less dominant blonde gene, that has laid dormant in us, then skipped a generation (lol something along those lines anyway, im not very good at putting sciencey things into words) Now i know that it isnt that unusual as it does happen quite often here and there, but i want to know if you have anything happened similar if not even stranger! Oh and on a completely different note, i was told that i was having a baby boy, but in the end she was born a girl lol! This ever happened to you?
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6 May 08
Sounds cool, I doubt it would happen to me as I don't have any dormant blonde genes. It's all fascinating, and I would love it if my future children were different like that.
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@SViswan (12071)
• India
10 Jan 08
You are right about the dark colour gene being dominant. Let's say dark hair is 'd' and blonde is 'b'...a person gets a gene for each trait from either parent. So, if you are dark haired, you are either 'db' or a 'dd' and blondes are always 'bb'...that's coz it's recessive. Now if you are a 'db' and so is your husband...then your kids can be eithr 'dd','db' or 'bb'. And your daughter is 'bb'. So obviously, both your husband and you are 'db' both got the blonde gene from someone in your family and it got passed on to your daughter. lol..I hope you can understand. I got carried away with the technical stuff. I've heard of people being told it's a girl...because they didn't see a weeny and it turning out to be a boy but it's the first I'm hearing of a girl being mistaken for a boy:)
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@anirc750310 (3424)
• Romania
15 Oct 07
Well the others days I was walking my child to the kindergarden an I saw a man with a light dark hair and his wife the same and their two children were black hair as the crow is.And I turn my had around to see it.Well I don't know, they could be adopted but it was truely estonishing how black they were.
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@Foxfire1875 (2011)
6 May 08
Both my parents had dark hair but I was blonde although my hair did darken as I got older and it's now a mousy brown colour. Maybe your daughters hair will darken with age too.