Morning habbits, what's yours?

October 16, 2007 5:11am CST
this morning, like any other, i got up (state the obvious lol)... used the bathroom, then came downstairs. (this was at just after 7 am) i flicked on the T.V. and put on kids programs (i have a 9 year old son), though as my son is at my mothers this week i had no real need to do that! then i sat and watched what my son would usually watch (yu-gi-oh gx, which by the way, i do actually like lol!). my boyfriend, who is working days this week (usually he works 4pm-midnight) asked if i want a coffee (quite nice of him really lol)... but i was quite taken aback lol! i said "i don't drink coffee this early" which i don't normally anyway. but it got me thinking, are my moringing really that routien?? i think they actually are rofl, because it has carried on like it normally would, even though my son is not here! after yu-gi-oh gx, i took the dog out, now normally i would walk with my son to the bus stop, but with him not here, i went straight to my friends house for my first coffee of the morning (i do this after the school bus has left). we had our coffee and chat, then i came home with the dog, turned on my pc (stay at home mum) and the T.V. (to listen to the wright stuff and other primetime shows). since then i have been here on mylot replying to other discussions (though my internet usages canges from day to day, i don't always pop here to mylot). a few minutes ago, i thought "i'm hungry" so, off i went to make toast and a coffee, when i got back to the pc, i looked at the clock, it's 11am... guess what, i get hungry for toast at around this time every day! grrr i feel so predictable lol. how about you guys? are you as predictable as me in the mornings? or can't you get into a routien?
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@raijin (10373)
• Philippines
16 Oct 07
Wow you seem to have a very long morning routine, I just hope that it didn't took that long trhat you already end up to luch!;) *j/k* Mine is just simple and natural as well, I get up and then go to bathroom to lessen whatever load I have from last previous night while I was sleeping. Go to the kitchen and wash my hands to prepare breakfast, then turn on the tv and watch the early morning news. After eating breakfast, I would do some stretching and then lift some weights to shed some stubborn fats and wake my senses up. After that, I'll be going off to work and whatever duties I'm to perform for the rest of the day!;)
16 Oct 07
thank you raijin, your mornings seem to be as predictable as mine are lol, and from all i wrote, it does seem like i have a long morning routien, but it's very relaxed lol (i do everything at a pace) and to me morning is until midday... once that comes around, i then get on and actually do stuff lol.
@twoey68 (13651)
• United States
18 Jan 08
I tend to get up at about 7am, go to the bathroom, make a cup of hot cocoa, log on to the pc and start waking up, when I finish the cocoa, I take my shower and dress in my play clothes (pants or shorts and a t-shirt) and then go back to the pc. Hubby gets up about noon (he stays up till 3-4am) and I make him breakfast. By about 1-2pm I'm ready for a nap with the cat and off I go. When I get up it's about time for either a late lunch or early dinner. **AT PEACE WITHIN** ~~STAND STRONG IN YOUR BELIEFS~~
@carolbee (16241)
• United States
16 Oct 07
My morning routine is very basic. Use the restroom and drink coffee when I first get up. Not necessarily in that particular order. Am not working right now so I tend to be lazy in the morning and don't rush to get dressed and leave the house.