Do you write dairy daily?

October 17, 2007 7:32am CST
My main hobby is dairy writting.I daily write all incident happened with me in each and every day in the dairy.
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@naseefu (1607)
• India
23 May 08
Yes,I write dairy.But not every day.Some days i cannot write dairy.When we reach in home very late then i do not have mood to write diary.Thanks
@limcyjain (3523)
• India
29 Oct 07
Yes i do write a diary of the activities i have done but i normally do it on a weekly basis. Just the most important events which i have gone through. I also maintain a record of the expenses i have made during the period for evaluation of the same.
@rbardhan (193)
• India
29 Oct 07
Hi, I could not understand why have you started same discussion which i have started. i could attend my discussion also. However, Dairy writting was my hobby. but due to lack of time i can not dairy now.
@lijg888 (13)
• China
28 Oct 07
I don't write diary ,but I like think the things that I have done in the daytime and what should do the next day .Thinking can give me a lot of help .
@julianarw (1524)
• Netherlands
28 Oct 07
Yes, i do writing diary every day, i think :) At least if i have time to write diary ^_^;; Because every day i busy with my son and house. So, sometimes i am too tired to write diary :) My son almost 15 months and he still need my attention every single day. If i write diary, mostly now about activitait my son and myself.
• Romania
21 Oct 07
I have never wrote a dairy.....i don't why this happened, maybe there is no more time,maybe i never try it to see if i like it.
@faith210 (11233)
• Philippines
17 Oct 07
Hi sreejithsreenivaas! I used to have a diary when I was younger and wrote everything that has transpireed in each day. I had several diaries that I have kept until the first few years of my marriage. At hte moment, I am not keeping a diary anymore because I got busy and at the last entry I have written in my diary was.."and I lived happily ever after with my so loving prince charming." haha..I hope I will forever. haha.. Take care and have a nice day.
@DarkAng3L (106)
• Romania
17 Oct 07
I don't have a diary. And think it's lame for the persons that use one, the old orgonal one... that is. At least keep one on the computer where no one can enter and see what you write in there. I guess I don't like diaries very much.