Do you believe in life after death? What are your personal feelings about it?

Do you believe there is life after death? - living after death
United States
October 17, 2007 8:59am CST
There are aguments on the philosophical, scientific and religious sides of life after death and not one person can come to a definitive conclusion. Of course not! Nobody has ever REALLY come back from the dead to tell us what happened to him/her after they died. Every argument is speculation. Every religion has it's own teachings of death and the hereafter and I don't feel this is something that anyone should argue with. We are taught a specific belief and nobody should ever tell us we are wrong because it is our way and we are entitled to that way. Personally, I feel that after we die our soul comes back in the form of another person (by the way this is NOT what I was taught but how I've grown to think through my lifetime). We come back to make up for any wrongs we did in our previous life. It sounds ridiculous I know but this is the way I feel. There have been times when I've met a stranger and just looking in their eyes had the feeling that I knew them before and they actually had ways about them that made me feel I knew who it was. Strange, yes, I agree but that's the way it is! What are your feelings about life after death? Does your religious upbringing have anything to do with it?
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• India
18 Oct 07
yes i do believe in an afterlife. i believe that our souls are in an neverending journey through eternity, and that they are continually changing forms, and working out the 'karma', positive or negative, that they have created, as they move along this journey, until eventually, they reach salvation, while uniting with the creator power. its one of those things that make our everyday hassles seem so extraordinarily insignificant. bah.
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