do you alway pay attention to the changes your partner has?

October 18, 2007 5:37am CST
are you a person who are good at detecting changes? do you always observe the changes your partner has? for example, your partner has a blain this morning, will you detect that? or you never know any changes to your partner? every morning you get up, have you ever thought that you should do something for your partner? tell me your thought.
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@diillu (5128)
18 Oct 07
I'm the person who can totally detect changes. If my boyfriend has slight change in his bread, got a small haircut or anything new I would just detect it. He is just so surprised about how I'm able to detect such a small change in him. And in the other hand he is the person who can't detec changes at all. Forexample, if I get a new haircut then he would be like "there's something new on you, what is that?".
• China
18 Oct 07
my gf is the kind of you, she can detect any changes happened to me, even i am a little bit unhappy. however, i always know nothing happened to her, so she always said that i dont care for her. sometime i try to find out some changes, but i am not that kind of person who will notice what happen around, and i always forget discovering some new things. sometimes i even dont remember whether the guy i met has long hair or short. maybe that's my shortcoming. do you know anything to conquer it? how to make detection or discovering a kind of habit?
@sang2k2 (1834)
• India
10 Nov 07
hi qinqin, yeh i pay attention to even a single change to my friend as well as my thats imporatant that gives them a feeling of caring and belonging. as i expect the same thing in return if i donot get it i feel bad and disappointed and loose my interest and mood. so i donot wish that he should go thru this. and reacting on changes is instant in my case as i cant be quiet and pretentious of not noticing things.
@lucky_witch (2711)
• Philippines
31 Oct 07
Yes, because I love my partner very much and everything taht he do matters to me. The time he wake up, the things that he enjoy doing, his routine every morning, the way he talk, the way he laugh, what will make him happy, the way he get mad, the things that will make him smile. I know almost everything about him, and I will not stop knowing him more and more.
@nyumix (1661)
• Belgium
19 Oct 07
Yes, I think I do. Since we spend most of the time together, of course I will notice if something happen with my partner, in my case is my husband :)