is it hard to forgive and forget?

October 19, 2007 10:28am CST
When someone you really love and truly adored caught in a act doing something you never expected...doing "love" with someone per se...Will you forgive and just forget because of love? Or show anger and go for separation.. What will you do in that particular scenario?
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• China
19 Oct 07
i think i would feel angry at that moment, i hate people cheating, especially my love cheated me. i think my heart would break, i would left, and never want to see this lover again. in fact, that similar thing happened to me, i dont want to forgive her, and i know she did not care. just forget it. i believe that life is better without that person.
• Philippines
20 Oct 07
..seems you were really hurt, too it is hard to forget.
@xenybb (168)
• Philippines
25 Nov 07
for me what i did is i broke up with him. i even don't know if it's right but my heart said do. i am not even sure coz i never see it, it was just in the text. he had a fling in the text that makes me so hurt because i trusted him. now we separated for 2 months ..huhuhuhu
@wolfie34 (26793)
• United Kingdom
20 Nov 07
It depends on the situation, if there are children involved then it may be different, because children come first, it will be them who are hurt in the separation. It would also depend on how long the couple have been together. I have been in this situation and I didn't give my partner another chance, but we had only been together for about a year, I think once the trust in a relationship is lost the relationship itself is doomed.