Are you ready to live right now?

@hillock (749)
October 22, 2007 3:00am CST
"People in the West are alwyas getting ready to live." Do u resemble that remark? I know that I am guilty as charged as often. I believed the ppoint of quote is: if we spend all out time becoming, hoping for a pay off in the future, we fail to appreciate the present fully. Do u agree? There is an alternate view of the quote also. The present is the time we have. It is our life. It is when we can act and do. the past is over. the future is uncertain. now is the currency of life. "If you cant do what you love, learn to love what you do". I dont remember who said that, however,it has held true for me for many years. Now what do you think? DO YOU CONTINUALLY PREPARE TO LIVE? or DO YOU LIVE AND PREPARE? - Tim O'Brien: Gulf Times i read this article and i really liked it! as of the last 2 question im a bit a little of both. guilty! but after i had difficulty breathing and rushed to a hospital i somehow changed a bit. Now, i lived my life to the fullest! how about u guys?
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@lkbooi (16101)
• Malaysia
25 Oct 07
We must cherish everyday and every moment that we are having in our life time. I agree with the saying : if you can do what you love, learn to love what you do. We must make use of our precious time to do what we think valuable, do take action immediately and not to procrastinate, so that we won’t regret later on. Cheer up my friend and good luck.
@hillock (749)
• Qatar
28 Oct 07
Yah..ur right. i must admit that was way too careless before. but with the incident happened to me..i realized that i should savor every moment cuase u would never know what might happen tomorrow!
• Philippines
23 Oct 07
hi! ok for me, life is a gift from GOD so, we schould be happy living in this beautiful world.we should always possitive thinking.whatever happens to our day just relax and manage to smile .Life is not a poblem to be solved but a gift to be enjoyed make every your best day.
• Hong Kong
23 Oct 07
Keep positive and keep happy in everyday!
@drannhh (15229)
• United States
22 Oct 07
Apparently there is nothing like a big scare to get priorities right. Glad you are feeling better! When we were "starving students" struggling to get through school, and then young workers, saving up for a better home, it did seem for the longest time that we were gambling all of our present time against a future that we were not sure we would ever see. So I quite understand what you mean. On the other hand, that is sometimes what people have to do to get a bit ahead. Now we have the luxury of living more for the moment, and it feels good. I don't really believe that "now is the currency of life" but it is certainly a good idea to ve more fully aware of the present than many people are...I think the other way of saying that is "Smell the roses!"