Why do some people want to immigrate to another country yet not become a citizen

United States
October 24, 2007 3:44pm CST
I am wondering why someone would want to leave their homeland and go to another country to live - yet not become a citizen of that country. This is something that really puzzles me. I hear immigrants talk about fleeing there countries because the government is corrupt or their income is to low or because the don't have any freedoms, there's not enough work, etc. I understand that perfectly. But if they are fleeing to another country for a better life then why not become a legal citizen of that country and contribute to the society. If they come to escape a bad life but want to remain a citizen of their homeland then I wonder why they didn't stay in their homeland and work to make it better. America doesn't corner the market on "of the people,but the people". I would like to see the citizens of each and every nation ban together to make their land the best. I am proud that so many people want to come to America because they think we have it made. But generations of Americans had to work hard for all of our rights and privilges. They didn't just fall into our laps. If I lived in a country outside the US the last thing I would do it turn my back on it. I am a loyalist and I really feel I would have to stay there and fight to make my country better. I guess some of you may think this is silly but I really do believe in loyalty to ones own. I think everyone should be proud of their country and do what ever they can to make it the best country in the world. If you really can't do that in your country then when you go to another country become a citizen and help make it the greatest.