Students at Indian Trail Academy in Wisconsin get free laptops for education.

@ozkid92 (550)
United States
October 24, 2007 6:40pm CST
I am a student at Indian Trail Academy and I recieved a laptop for free. It is an Apple MacBook, which I will use for the next four years of school durring class and for homework. Students type up and submit their homework wirelessly on the campus, or through their own internet service. Unfortunately, some parents do not beleive students should have computer access 24/7. They are worried about interenet content, vision damage, and liability (since these are on loan from the school to us). Is it a bad idea for them to give us these laptops? We are the very first freshman class in Wisconsin to have laptops, so we are sort of like a test group. We enjoy it a lot, beacuse it makes things very easy and we like using computers, as we are already experienced in it at home. Would you approve of this for your child, or do you think this is a good idea?
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• Philippines
4 Nov 07
gosh. any free laptop is a good idea for me! may i know who pioneered this? did steve jobs make this move? i love it! i believe laptops are great for school. i actually wished i had a laptop back when i was still in school; i might have been a better student then. i may have taken more notes and not have had to miss information. still, regrets aside, i wish the next generation better luck than what i've had. it's great that you have that. i wish that would happen with our country too. if you have a macbook, take good care of it. get a cloth lining for the wristrest. because mine had chipped within months. don't worry about the internal damage; macbooks have been known to be played with by cats, mauled by dogs, run over by trucks, and they still run despite all these. the guy that had his macbook run over by a truck just replaced the LCD though. the couple whose dog thought the mac was a bone still had a running mac right after. just take care of the keyboard and lining, and you'll be fine. :)
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7 Feb 08
good to know where my tax dollars are being spent! i would suggest to be careful and not download to much junk, and spam,,, you might catch alot being careful of what you let in.