advice, advice, advice, --everyone is willing to advise,

@kalav56 (11502)
October 25, 2007 3:27am CST
There is this wonderful AD from Reliance Com and I think this is marvellous. Technical advice-where an old man gives expert advice about the spark plug being dirty[to the exasperated youngster kicking his bike] Useless advice where the wife tells the poor drenched bald man that he should have taken the umbrella, ''FORTTTY FIVE DEGREES'' angle being advocated by the fatty in the gym Expert advice by the young girl to apply tooth paste on her face, If some of you have not seen it you must. It is hilarious but so true to life. Ever since I saw this AD I am doubly conscious of voicing my opinion in a situation . If I feel like saying something I immediately think of this ad and ponder for a minute if I am dishing out unnecessary advice.I am totally scared of giving unsolicited advice too. Have you seen this ad and what do you think about this?
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