How is the best way to market eBooks?

United States
October 26, 2007 10:56pm CST
I have seven eBooks that I have written. I saw one website that lets you post your books for free and they advertise. The thing is, they take 80% of the money and give you 20%. They want 20 page books and sell all their books for $5.00. So that's only a buck a book. Not very good. The place that I published the books is alright but you have to do all the marketing yourself. Is there a really good place to market your eBooks on the Internet?
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• Pakistan
4 Nov 07
This is an informative discussion you started. But you did not mention the URL address of the site, where you published your book on cost of 20% return. It is an interesting topic for those who relate to the profession of writing. Every publisher is working for the benefits of his or her own company. He will look for his own pocket first and after then he will try to pay the return of his work to the author of the book. So we should accept the reality up till the date we get a better place for better return.
• United States
29 Oct 07
You should have published with They give you your own page that you can link to from your blog or sig. And it gives you the choice of offering your book as an ebook or print. Ebooks there don't cost you anything. Since you've already published, probably the best thing to do is set up your own blog or website and link to that.