YOu ever look at houses that were Repoed?

October 28, 2007 6:04pm CST
HI, We have been loooking at houses and we have found some where the people just took stuff out of the house and left it such a mess. This i dont think is right. I mean i know it be hard to have your house taken back but it isnt right to destroy it just cuss you couldnt pay. What do you think??
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@writersedge (22579)
• United States
28 Oct 07
No, I have not looked at repossessed homes. But I would like to if they are cheaper. How do you find out about them? Were they repoed from a bank, a real estate agency, trailer/modular home sales, or a trailer park? No I don't think people should destroy it because they can't pay for it, but they're very angry. Hopefully they all had somewhere to go. Not all the places you looked at were a mess were they? Were any partially destroyed? My cousin rented to someone she had to evict for lack of payment and they had smashed holes in her walls.
29 Oct 07
hi, yes you can get them cheaper. Not all i have looked at were to bad. this one we may get just needs the bathroom stuff put back in and kitchen stuff and the trim.We found ours from our realtor. They will know of some. There are some agents that just deal with those kind of homes. try looking on I have found some on there, it dont say they are repoed but if you talk to the agent or so they will know. THere are alot here in my area. One you can get for less then 20,000. good luck, let me know if u find some. You can fnd some that are good to fix up and they it like u want and it still cheaper.