The next Resident Evil movie

United States
October 29, 2007 9:04am CST
I think by this point it's pretty certain they've been working up to a grand finale. So what do you think will be in the next movie? I'm gonna talk about things we've seen in other movies, and most notably the most recent one, so if you don't like spoilers...just skip to the reply box or leave lol. I'd think we'd see more super-zombies, since they've shown them sparingly through the last three...and it would make sense if the next one's the last Resident Evil movie to go all out. But since it's been revealed that the leader people of Umbrella are at different underground bases all over the world (As Extinction showed us by moving to a base in Japan) should draw out for a decent length maybe we'll see zombie zoo animals? I shudder to think about what zombies could be in a base if it's in a place like say..Brazil, or Africa. Do you think after all of Umbrella's ruining of the planet, that there's like a safe-key that might restore it more or less to the way it was? Will we get to find out what happened to little girl who had the disease in order to survive? What kind of thing would the cure be? I'd assume it would be a virus FOR zombies...but maybe it isn't? If it is...what does that mean for Alice and her clones? Do you think Alaska really was the sanctuary everyone hoped it was? How do you think Alice and her clones will interact? Like a hive mind, or.. Anyway. Speculate and ask even more questions. This series warrants it..with the best virus-type zombies ever.
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@cobradene (1171)
• India
29 Oct 07
I watched Resident Evil - Apocalypse and didn't like it at all. It was all so cliched and there was nothing much for mila to do in this movie. Her expressions throughout the movie were the same. Actions were the same, and it made absolutely no sense at all. Opinions may differ. The first part was better. But, this one was totally pathetic.
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