do you want an active refer for

titanclicks ptc - titanclicks ptc site!!
October 31, 2007 2:11am CST
hi!! so i was an old user of advercash,the famous ptc,in reality by advercash i was paid now i decided to join titanclicks too seeing that it is a new ptc created by the same society owner of advercash!! so do you want a new refer on titanclick?if yes just answer to this discussion and rewiew the titanclick site and service in this way i'll learn more about this new ptc and if you know you can post which kind of news titanclicks have in relation to other ptc site ok? so please don't write in public here your ref link because if you did the mylot community will delete this discussion just post your response and after when i read i will contact you in private to talk about it right? thanx!!
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