What's the cleanest job?

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November 1, 2007 4:51pm CST
The viewers who watch Dirty Jobs are finding out what the dirtiest jobs are out there. My question is, "What are the cleanest jobs out there?" I've worked as a bank teller & you would think that would be pretty clean (and compared to the dirty jobs done by Mike Rowe, it is) but your hands get pretty dirty handling all that money! I substitute at my daughter's school library & those books are pretty dirty too. I've worked a variety of jobs & none of them have been real clean & none of them have been real dirty. I guess I'm not a dirty girl!
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16 Mar 08
When i was in my teens, i worked in Restaurants. They were clean in the back - not spotless clean but clean as it should be. The front would be tidy clean until customers messed it up. Ive also worked in a nursery, that was clean apart from the kids - nappies, sick etc. I now work in a supermarket and cannot say its a clean job, some of the things we get have been sitting in the main warehouse since god knows when. I dont think there is a clean job.
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17 Apr 08
Of couse, the people who cleaned the restaurants probably had to get dirty while doing it...
@alexigne (903)
• Philippines
20 Apr 08
If you were talking about dirt as in dust or garbage and so, i don't know anything that is clean. This is our new environment, with pollution and so much dirt. It was all because of our daily works and high tech apparatus. Money it self is considered as one of the most dirty things exist because different people hold it as their opinion. And i believe too. But when it comes to personal reaction of clean job. I believe that its all depend on how the people will do his job. Like in politics which all we know is a dirty job because of corruption. They know within them if they are working clean. They working environment may not be clean but if they do it right, it will be clean. Time consuming at the wrong way is a simple cheating that makes our work dirty.
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17 Apr 08
The cleanest job? Probably the labs where they make computer chips. Those are totally dust-free environments because even a speck of dust will ruin a microchip. Everyone has to wear the "bunny-suits" and footies so they don't track anything into the room either. THat's about the best I can come up with.
@AmbiePam (47375)
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3 Nov 07
I've been thinking about this question since I saw it a couple hours ago. I thought of several things, like a secretary, but I was a secretary once and I did get my hands dirty. So what I came up with is a car salesman. They dress up in a tie and they take people for car rides and they do paperwork, but they don't get their hands dirty to my knowledge. They may open a hood of a vehicle, but that's about it.