What is your biggest and best income earner

United States
November 3, 2007 9:32am CST
What program online is your biggest and best income earner, is it with referrals or without referrals, how much are you making a month and how long has it taken you to make it to the level of income your at now. It is easy or how does it work, and most importantly have it paid you. Thanks
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• United States
3 Nov 07
Hi Working Parent, I responded to your PM you sent yesterday evening. I hope you find it beneficial. Let me see if I can answer your question in a thorough fashion. (1) My #1 earner right now is probably all the affiliate commission that comes in. I've spent quite a bit of time (6 months or so) getting everything ironed out with that and really trying to get targeted traffic to those sites via articles, etc. It's been a long tedious process that is starting to pay off. (2) What was MUCH easier and something I suggest for newer online marketers are the programs listed on this blog: http://gptguru.blogspot.com There's proof of payment there. I haven't been "working the system" as much as I did when that was my focus so my earnings have gone down to around $100 per month, but that's mostly from referral earnings. I have approximately 300 referrals. I used to get around 3-5 everyday, and then of course some of those 3-5 would have referrals, thus those would be my second level and you commission via them as well. Honestly, it's easy. It really is. It's just a matter of knowing what you're doing... now that I'm working with some harder stuff I miss the simplicity of it, but I always love getting that check that I didn't have to do anything for every month. Best of luck acquiring all the knowledge you need to progress your online earnings.