how responsible is todays mothers..............?

November 5, 2007 2:36am CST
today we find more or less both the parents r employed,the leave their child in play school while going to work and on return pick them i.e is even children r going to work from the age of two.only difference is they pay to go ,parentsgo for earlier day moms spend time with child and was responsible for their strong foundations in all the area,in which the child was we don,t find time to look into their issues,just we skip saying we have joined in the best school . few days back i came across similar situation,this is resulting in inferior, per my feeling yes we have to leave childred to learn on there own,but not this much earlier i.e by 2 or 2+.what do u feel with this
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@SViswan (12071)
• India
6 Nov 07
I don't totally agree. Earlier, I would think like you did - that the mothers of today are not responsible. But having kids of my own and being a kindergarten teacher, I realized that it is not totally true. There are some mothers who are not cut out for being with kids. They would do themselves and their kids a favour by staying away and letting people who know their job to do it. I've seen mothers forced to sit at home and take care of the kids when that's not what they want to really do and that has negatively affected the kids. They would have been better off at a good day care. 2.5 is the right age to start a playschool where they can be moulded. But it is the parent's responsibility to find the right school for their child. Having said that, I personally prefer to be with my kids till they are atleast 3. And that is only because I feel that 'I' need to spend that time with them. Each person is different and it is an individual choice about choosing when their child should start school and where. But again I say, it should be an informed decision on what is best for the child. All pros and cons have to be weighed properly.