What do you think of the suicide bombers?

November 5, 2007 4:33am CST
I am not gona ask about religion here. But personaly what do you think about the so-called Suicide Bombers?
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• Philippines
5 Nov 07
I believe that they are seriously deluded, and that they have displaced passion. Not to mention serious anger issues. haha.
• Singapore
5 Nov 07
But what if their beliefs are meant to be true? And we ,,,are wrong? just wonderin .
• Philippines
9 Nov 07
i doubt it. humans are built to sense truth. and to exercise rationality. or maybe it's just me. but when i found the right church, i knew i was home. when the Bible finally opened up to my understanding, i knew i found TRUTH in its purest form, and i won't let go even if i am to be beheaded. though i seriously don't want that to happen. bottom line, i know my God is right, and i dare anyone else to prove me otherwise!
• Philippines
21 Nov 07
I am from a christian country where killing is a mortal sin. But to this people who loves to kill and be killed i don't think they believe in God. Life is very precious and full of wonders, why choose to die in an event that is very devastating and so nonsense? Die with a bomb? I don't think these people are in good condition to stay alive and savor the sweetness of life. Oh, life is so beautiful. Keep the most of it!
• United States
7 Nov 07
hi dinxcarin134, i don't think there's gonna be all those v i r g i n s waitin for them in the promised land!!!!!!!!!!!!!!but i could be wrong!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
• India
5 Nov 07
Its just a pure brain wash nothing else