13 year old girl get detention for huging

Lampe, Missouri
November 8, 2007 6:46am CST
wow what will they come up with next. as this 13 year old girl was giving her two friends after school a hug good by for the weekend she was seen by a teacher. the teacher turned her in to the office and the girl got 2 days of detention and if she dose not show she is kicked out of school for 2 days. the superindentdant said the school police is no affection to be showen from student to student at school. parents of the girl plan to go to the next school board meeting and tell them what they think. i know that i would tell them to grow up it was a hug between girls and nothing more then saying good bye for the weekend. what would you do if it was your kids?
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@kwenge (2493)
• Kenya
8 Nov 07
How did know or differentiate who was giving a hug and who was receiving? or bothe girls got detention? a girl hugging another girl is not a crime. Let the parents go to the meeting and tell them that they are not pleased with they way they treated their daughter and threathen to make it a police case or remove their daughter from that school.
• Lampe, Missouri
8 Nov 07
I don't think going to the ploice would do very much in this case really but i do think that doing this just becuase a couple girls give friendly hugs is crazy and only one of them got into trouble. not fear.
@AJ1952Chats (2340)
• Anderson, Indiana
22 Apr 08
Better fire these so-called teachers and replace them with robots or chimpanzees--either of which would have more common sense to offer to their profession. Hugging--and even kissing--girlfriends was the norm when I was going to school! People's minds are certainly in the gutter these days!
• Australia
5 Apr 08
That's just ridiculous! Why would you even bother doing this? The teachers must noot have had much to do at the time or just have it in for these girls! I cant believe that two people cant hug at school we used to do it everyday when we got there and when we left!
@shyamlal (3538)
• India
19 Dec 07
This is off the limit...