Slow Dripping/noisy Coffee maker?

United States
@webeishere (36386)
November 8, 2007 12:19pm CST
My Coffee pot - Mr Coffee my fave brand maker
Does your coffee maker drip really slowly and make that loud gurgeling sounds? Does it annot you to no ends? Heres the problem. The machine is clogged somewaht by minerals in the water or coffee grounds etc. It needs a good cleaning. Add a clean filter in the basket etc. Then one 32 ounce bottle of Vinegar. Just pour it into the tank. No water yet. Just the vinegar at this point. Run it through the cycle. Turn the pot off then fill the pot with cold water leaving the vinegar in the pot. Pour this into the machine and run the cycle once again. Then after it's done turn pot off pouring out all the water adding a new pot of cold water. Do this again running it through the cycle. That's it. The pots nice and clean and ready for a quiet cycle once again. I clean mine about every 2 weeks as I make a lot of coffee. Cleaning it once a month is recomended. HAPPY POSTINGS FROM GRANDPA BOB!!~