November 9, 2007 2:38am CST
Who is getting this world to the end??? Us or our dear god?
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@Ashbiz (148)
• Mauritius
16 Jun 08
Our Lord. This is so because it is He alone who is the Master of time and everything else that exists. As the world is bound to extinction sooner or later, it shall be so by the only will of the Lord alone.
@Mickie30 (2633)
26 Dec 07
If you believe in the Bible it is all there written down in black and white. All that is happening in this world is written down. One day there is going to be a solution to these problems and everyone will think that we have reached world peace when really it is far from that. Eventually you will have to have a computerised chip injected into your skin without this you won't be able to buy or sell anything. I know you are probably reading this thinking this woman is nuts, but I do believe what the Bible says. When you think of how unsecure the world is right now it seems the sensible approach for everyone to have a chip implant that way nobody would be able to commit fraud unless they cut off your arm or leg which is a bit drastic. In answer to your question it is partly to do with humanity getting more and more wicked, but God also wants the suffering and wickedness to stop and victory to triumph.
• Estonia
9 Dec 07
Hehe. It's nobody else except ourselves. Human beings will soon destroy the world they are living in. Look, we'va already destroyed a lot, poluted the seas, the air, cut the forests. Soon we will withness our own end!