do you liek skype?

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November 9, 2007 3:12pm CST
skype on of the most famous voip service in the net seems grows his tarde and brand today by day..may people think skype is funny and not expensive as many tohers technology to phone around the world..and thin that is good have a skype account and so communicate with this kind of service simply passing the phone calls by the net!! so what do you think about skype?have you had an account to phone with it or with another voip service---?wich one? which is in your opinion the major limitation of skype in relation to other technologies?
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@cupid74 (11394)
• Pakistan
14 Nov 07
Well i use skype, but not for voice conversation, i used it for text conversation, like yahoo or MSN never tried to have voice call
@aseretdd (13736)
• Philippines
12 Nov 07
I am using skype but only for work purposes... i communicate with my boss using skype and that is it... most of my friends and relatives use yahoo... but i think skype is better because there is rarely a disturbance when i am taking to my boss using this program... With yahoo... after a couple of minutes... the communication will suddenly freeze...i think this is why a lot of people are reverting to using skype instead of yahoo...
@fanji008 (782)
• China
10 Nov 07
Hi,there! I like sype pretty much.I always use it to call my friend in Europe. It's free and convenient.You can also call the landline by using it but you need to pay some money.However it's much cheaper than the ordinary international phone calls. It also offers the video service so that you can not only chat or call but also see the other person.That's really nice! So far,it's the best that I've ever known.I think the limitation now is that sometimes it's not very stable.It crashes seldom,but still happens.And I think the functions are not enough.If we can just paste the pictures in the dialogue when we're chatting,that'll be more convenient while now we need to send them as files.
• Australia
10 Nov 07
Ok. Skype! Never heard of it and just reading that word is making my head spin! I so need to get with the 21 Century!
@rakeshdas (428)
• India
10 Nov 07
yaaay man !!! I am very much lazy ... basically I am using currently 2 messengers ... Yahoo and the G-talk !! used Globe7 somedays back .. didnt like that anyways !!! Some of my frnds are using Skype and there reaction is positive on it !! So I am not in the position to tell it good or bad ... but I will try it shortly .. hope it will do good for me !!
@santuccie (3374)
• United States
10 Nov 07
Skype's greeeeeeat. Most of my friends also use IMs like Yahoo! and Windows Live, yet they only use the VoIP function (they don't touch-type). It was awhile before they convinced me to install Windows Live, then Yahoo! on my machine; I was perfectly happy with plain, old Windows Messenger. Well, Windows Live kept failing to locate server, and Yahoo! kept crashing. I also understand that Yahoo! Messenger and QuickTime top the list of Windows attack vectors. Even though I lock down the core of my own system down to prevent infection, I find it hard to recommend something that dangerous to one's computing experience, not to mention their identity. When I found a package that transformed Skype into Portable Skype, I converted everyone. Nowadays I use Portable Skype and Trillian for U3.
• Philippines
10 Nov 07
I also use skype. I don't have any problems with it and it's very convenient to use. But sometimes there is a connection problem with it. I use it to communicated with my students.
@nempel (139)
• Indonesia
10 Nov 07
I like sykpe to, because the voice is the most clearer among the other messanger I think, and while I'm trying voice chat , the lag is less than the other, I don't know is it because of the server location or what, but for instant messanger for dailly use I'm still stuck on ym, since almost all my friends still use that, and we allready familiar with the interface and the emotion icon. imo
@laurika (4536)
• United States
9 Nov 07
Oh I love skype. I am saving so much money with this, since all my friend are so far from me in europe and if I will be caling from housephone I would spend fortune. Recently just my mum got it and she is so funny with it since she don't know much how to use it. like she will always ask me if I can hung up, becuase she doesn't know how, or how to call another people. Skype is the best thing internet can offer us. Also my friend buy some minutes for her to call her fiancce in other country and she find out, it is the best deal so far.
@ailema4ever (2675)
• Finland
9 Nov 07
Yes, I LOVE Skype! I use Skype to call my family in Indo (I live in Finland now). In Finland there's no cheap phone card provider to call an international number, so I've been using Skype. I've never tried any other provider, though, so I can't give a comparison.