it's a thankless life.....

November 10, 2007 7:41am CST
ever since i could remember, i've always supported my siblings (all 3 of them, all boys and all younger than i am) whether financially, physically or emotionally. even now that we're all grown and have our own families, i am still their big sister and they come to me for help. nothing wrong with that, i know, and it really gratifies me to be this important to them. only thing is, sometimes they just take me for granted. they forget that i have feelings, too, and their never-ending problems affect me, too. and when it's financial, they sometimes forget to say thank you. they act as if they deserve it. their wives, too. and it gets me soooo depressed most of the time.....
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@joyce959 (1562)
• Philippines
11 Nov 07
Yes there are persons who don't really care and don't know the importance of a person unless that person is gone. I am not saying you move away. Anyway, helping others, especially members of the family is a great deed. If ever you dont get thank you from your family now, your great deed will be rewarded in the future.
• Philippines
17 Nov 07
not that i'm in it for whatever i can get later on, but i just want a little bit of appreciation, sometimes, just to keep me going, you, know? coz when there's posititve feedback, you'd have the desire to do more, right? am i making sense?
@academic2 (7009)
• Uganda
11 Nov 07
When it comes to siblings joshdale08, help seems to be a family duty. There are no enough words to say thankyou to a person like you who has done so much to your junior siblings. Personally I helped a relative who happened to be an orphan lately upto University, paying fees and giving all possible support, but when studies were over-and she even got a good job, she doesnt have the courtesy to ring and say Hi!!!While some people are so ungrateful, l feel you need to appreciate the case for siblings-there comes a time when senior sibblings take the parental roles and those hepled increasingly begin to take the help for granted. The biggest gesture of gratitude would be for them to take responsibilty for one of your own children, like paying fees! I get very worried for a family man I helped to continue coming around for more financial help-that one is insulting and you need to come up boldly and tell them a piece of your mind-you need a break after all you have done dont you?
• Philippines
11 Nov 07
i'm not sure if when it's the other way around, like i'm the one being helped, will i forget to say thank you, too? will i just take it for granted, too? what i'm saying is, maybe it's just human nature, don't you think? but really, i've weaned off little by little from helping them coz it's time that they work for themselves, too. a case of; give man a fish and you feed him for a day, but teach him how to fish, you feed him for a lifetime. right?
@sang2k2 (1834)
• India
10 Nov 07
hi josh, what you doing is very good just feel happy that they are asking you for help and guidance and not to any one else so that you know that you would guide them right only and they wont be misleaded or misguided so take it in a positve manner.Just ignore if they arent thanking you.take care.
• Philippines
11 Nov 07
yeah, i also sound pathetic, don't i? but you're quite correct there. i should continue what i do and just don't expect anything in return. thanks, sang2k2!