What is your ferret's favorite treat?

United States
November 11, 2007 5:05pm CST
Unfortunately, my fuzzies are dead and I cannot afford to have one now. They are fun lil' creatures. My last one out lived two different buddies. She was a stitch. She had an obsession with Mountain Dew! I never gave it to her on purpose. She would climb in the case, pull out a can and pull the tab enough to get it to spray out. Even when I tried to hide the case, she would find it and work to get it. Even getting the cat to knock it down to her. One tip, be careful when you raise a cat and ferret together. They will start to work together making it harder to ferret proof your house.
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@Nephthys (22)
• United States
3 Dec 07
My first two ferrets love treats, primarily Bandits brand and Ferretone. The other two ferrets don't care for any kind of treats, all they like is their food. Luckily, my ferrets haven't gotten into any human food. :)
@vralda (8)
21 Nov 07
My ferret actually likes coke. I found that out when he climbed on top my desk and started sipping the top of my coke can. It seemed to make him hyper. He is also a fan of honey nut cheerios and fruit loops.
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11 Nov 07
That is definatly advise to live by! My kids had a habit of leaving the peanut butter out on our counter after making a sandwich and my ferrets would nudge open the drawers and climb up them like stairs. I finally trained my kids to put away the peanut butter but then I had to compromise with the ferrets and let them lick my kids' hands clean of it. Now everyone is at least content :)