Have you Ever Tried Tofu? Will you?

November 19, 2007 3:29am CST
I eat tofu sometimes but I find it very bland. I either like it blended completely in a smoothie or extra firm. I hate the medium and soft consistencies. What about you? Have you tried it? Does it gross you out?
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@Andrej7 (66)
• Slovak Republic
5 Mar 08
Today I had it for a lunch. I was in a chinese restaurant and eat tofu with mushrooms, bambus, carrot etc. + some sauce and rice of course. It was delicious ...
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• Canada
7 Mar 08
mmm.. That sounds really delicious! There is a place in the mall near us called U-Grill. Its really cool. Its asian style. You pick all the ingrediants and then they charge you based on weight. They then grill it for you right there with your choice of sauce and rice. I always get tofu. This really reminds me of what you had.
• Slovak Republic
8 Mar 08
Interesting ... it is good idea to let customers to choose ingredients ... it beats stereotype and people come back again. You mentioned that they grill it for you ... Do they grill also the tofu ? Shops in the city where I live usually sell classic or smoked tofu. If I want something more I have to go to the chinese restaurant.
@raijin (10373)
• Philippines
19 Nov 07
I never thought that tofu is gross, infact it is healthy since it is rich on protein. I believe that tofu has a lot of benefits for people in Japan, as they try to add it on their everyday meal and continuously experiment on how they can enjoy eating it. As for me, I add them on some meals as extenders and replace the meat. We sometimes fry them, and dip on soy sauce and vinegar and eat them right away..
• Canada
19 Nov 07
I was in Japan last year and the part I was in they actually didn't eat it all that much. However I was on a smaller island and they ate a lot of fish and beef. Tofu is really good for you. I love is mixed in with things or in miso soup. I'm not a fan of it on its own though.
@lilaclady (28238)
• Australia
19 Nov 07
I have had tofu at a Thai restaurant, it is very bland but if it is with some of those delicious sauce that the Thai people cook with it is lovely, it takes on other flavours and is very good for you.
@hcromer (2712)
• United States
9 Apr 08
I've never had straight up Tofu before, but I have had Tofurkey before and that is one of the nastiest things I think I have ever eaten in my entire life. The texture was bad and it was supposed to taste like turkey, it tasted like nothing, maybe cardboard.