I feel like me and my friend from school are the only green day fans on earth!

United States
November 20, 2007 2:53pm CST
me and my friend are green day fanatics, none of my other friends like green day, half the other kids dont even know what green day is! please talk to me if your a green day fan, i cant be the only one!
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• United States
3 Jan 08
you are not alone! i've been rocking out to green day since like 1994!
• United States
14 Feb 08
right on bro! u wanna be friends mate? im more into metal now lol but i love them with an extreme passion lol, bill- (idk if its billy or billie, i forget) joe is my hero! i knew me n my friend couldnt be the only fanatics!
• India
23 Nov 07
None of the guys in my place, heard of green day either. They are still in the age of back street boys & ricky martin. Holiday really rocks.
@jend80 (2068)
20 Nov 07
where do you live? - if you're in the UK or America they must've either been living under a rock when American Idiot came out and got mass publicity or pretending to have never heard of them as they think it's not cool to know them now they're popular.
• United States
20 Nov 07
well, its actualy a matter of the type of music they listen to, most pple @ my school r hill billys n red necks... then theres those stupid preps! (shudder)
@megumiart (3781)
• United States
20 Nov 07
I like Greenday, but I wouldn't say i'm a huge fan. I like their older music, before American Idiot.
• United States
20 Nov 07
dude yeah they went down hill baaad after their CD warning! my favourite is Kerplunk and Nimrod. Kerplunk was made in like 1992, rite before dookie, and nimrod was in 95
@tezovhemo (361)
5 Apr 08
i thought green day was a movie lmaoo
@posham (1237)
• Philippines
6 Mar 08
solitary greenday fan? "i beg to dream and differ..." lol.. they don't have multiple albums for nothing.. greenday rocks!
10 Dec 07
I was a big fan of Green Day when they weren't that well known. But now they're huge in the UK. Don't know how anyone could not know who they are. I still really like their music but I probably would say I prefer their earlier stuff. Still an awesome band tho. Would love to see them live. Has anyone else seen them live??