Mental Tension and Cure - How to Sleep well

November 22, 2007 4:30am CST
The most important point is to recognise the factor that is causing mental tnesin and strees and to solve that so far as possible. In this regard smaller mental stresses are as important as the larger ones. These vary from case to case; like discord between the husband and the wife, distubing relatins, overawing boos, economic insecurity, or habit of taking too seriously day-to-day problems. Talking aloud about these problems with people who lister sympathetically is helpful in serious cases, help of a psychiatrist may be necessary. This should be coupled with the will of the patient to get out of situaiton causing mental stress. Some sleep better when they take physical exercise in the evening. this may be in the form of a brisk walk, playing, swimming, etc. In the process one should not tire our oneself physically, as this may bring on a sleep of exhaustion, which is broken as soon as the exhaustion is over.
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• India
22 Nov 07
I think no medicine can solve your problem and it is not a good practice to take medicine for good sleep.I think practicing yoga or doing mediation can solve your problem.If a good yogic guru or teacher is available in your place,consult your problem with him.I think he can solve your problem.