Happy thanksgiving everyone.

@deebomb (15322)
United States
November 22, 2007 7:10am CST
Things that I’m thankful for. 1. That I have a house to live in, many in the world don’t or they have lost their home do to cyclones floods and so on. 2. That I’m warm enough. Many aren’t because they don’t have homes 3. Plenty to eat all the time. Many don’t 4. That my family don’t have any life threatening illness. Many have family dying with cancer or other health problems 5. I have good access to health care Manny don’t. 6. I have 2 loving families. My children and my church family. Many have lost all their family 7. I have my eye sight and can read Many have lost their eyesight or never had it. 8. I have 2 feet to walk where I want to. Many don’t 9. I have 2 hands that work fairly well. Many don’t
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• India
22 Nov 07
happy thanks giving.
• United States
22 Nov 07
Happy Thanks Giving to you too. I'm thankful to be alive to spend this Thanksgiving Day with friends and family.