which flower u prefer for gardening? i love to plant all types of roses

November 22, 2007 9:05am CST
how to make nicer roses?
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• United States
22 Nov 07
I haven't had much experience with roses, although I would like to plant some so I can have fresh rose hips tea! I would also love to one day have a rose arbor. A really informative website to check out is rosemagazine.com. I don't plant many flowers actually, I prefer to concentrate on vegetables and herbs, although I do plant a lot of marigolds because they are so good for pest control. And I LOVE sunflowers!
• United States
22 Nov 07
There are many vegetable flowers that are beautiful and then go on to become beautiful things to eat. This is double duty for the eyes and the body. With the water shortages, gas prices, and natural disasters, it makes sense to plant food crops in your yard (if you have a yard or somewhere close by where you can grow your own food. With the price of gas going up it will cost more at the grocery store for food in general and with the natural disasters some foods will be in short supply. Therefor those foods will go up even higher. If you grow your own they will taste even better and probably even be better than from the store.
@AKRao24 (21173)
• India
22 Nov 07
In general I love any flowering plants and I love to have them grown around! But the problem with flowering plants is that they are seasonal and some of them are to be replaced every year! I like greenery around so I prefer to have crotons which are more or less green all around the year and the coloured pigment in the leaves makes me happy! They are too beatiful to look at! Regarding the later part of your question about the making nicer roses I think you can go to any site where they give information of growing roses! This I am saying so because growing roses varies from place to place depending upon the local condition and climate! Thanks for rhe discussion! Enjoyed it! All the best!
@eftychiap (349)
• Cyprus
22 Nov 07
Well, personally I love tulips and especially the white and yellow ones. I like roses as well but I prefer the tiny roses that grow high if you know what I mean. I don't have a garden yet, but now that I am starting my own house I will make a great garden with lots of flowers.
• Philippines
20 Dec 07
i love white roses but planting is just like planting other plants.you put stems on ground then water everyday