November 23, 2007 12:47pm CST
Does any of you play poker online ?? If yes, on which site ? i know there is a ton of different sites, i want to know which one is the best to play with real money Also, does anyone know some site that give a no deposit bonus ?? thanks
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@mrtimharry (1180)
23 Nov 07
I would recommend three sites - Fulltilt - Good American site that has a good selection of games and a good range of prices to play at. It is though most enjoyable to watch the professionals play for high stakes. One downside is that if you keep the chat open there is a lot of argument amongst people watching games Ladbrokes poker - British site less variation but again has some good tournaments William Hill - my current fave but it does have less choice then other sites
• Canada
23 Nov 07
does fulltilt have a no deposit bonus ?? I am currently playing on pokerstars... this site is weird...bad beats always happen to me... i double up my money on table, then gets QQ, then all in and then i lost everything vs KK.... that always happen all the time, also, you will often find a straight or a flush on the table. weird site but very well made lots of choice lots of freeroll