Which is better a teleporting vehicle or a time machine?

United States
November 23, 2007 1:05pm CST
Is a vehicle that can teleport you anywhere better than a time machine that can take you to any point in time but it is still in the same place?
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@jwfarrimond (4474)
12 Mar 08
Oh. Give me a machine that'll get me to and from work without all that tedious commuting. [/b]Yes![b] When can I take delivery of my teleport machine??
• United States
20 Mar 08
47 years after porygon2 evolves into porygon3.
@maximax8 (28559)
• United Kingdom
2 Mar 08
I think a time machine would be fun it would stay in my own country. Like one day it might go back to 1989 and I could have such fun reliving some of that fantastic year. Then it might go back to 1900 a year that was much before the day I was born. I am sure that my modern day clothes from 2008 would look very strange in that year. However I am so keen on traveling that a vehicle that would teleport me to anywhere in the world would be my ultimate dream. Wow! I could pop over to South America quite often. One long weekend I would walk the Inca Trail. One spare week I would cruise around the Galapagos Islands. On Christmas Day I would pop over for a drink in Rio. On Boxing Day I would go up Sugar Loaf Mountain. I would see one continent every year. So In 2009 I would go off to Africa then Asia in 2110. What a life it would be and it would be as much fun as flying on a magic carpet.
• United States
5 Mar 08
So which do you choose a time machine or a teleporting vehicle?