what happens if one person in a relationship falls out of love?

November 27, 2007 5:16am CST
I am just interested as to how people will react if given this kind of situation... THis thing does happen... If you fall out of love, whta will you do?
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@garnet80 (354)
• Australia
28 Nov 07
I have had this happen and the first thing I have done is told the person. It's unfair to string the other person along. And it's also unfair on yourself too. The longer you leave it the harder it is for both parties in the long run.
@rsa101 (14878)
• Quezon City, Philippines
28 Nov 07
That is a tough question to answer right now. Although I haven't experience that at all. But for me putting myself into that situation I guess it's better to be honest than live my life in a lie. It is better that you leave the relationship than stay without the love which is very important to a relationship. I think it will make your life much better than staying in it.
@nkhanna (925)
• India
28 Nov 07
well i guess if one peron in a relation falls out of love then the relation cannot exist anymore.since love relations are just based on love and faith and if any one of them disappears from anyone's side it just becomes impossible to save that relation and even if it is saved then also the relation can never become like the previous one,so people normally walk out of the relation in that case.i just hope this thing never happens with me.ogd forbid.
@ravinskye (8242)
• United States
27 Nov 07
Well, being that my marriage is heading down this path, i can tell you exactly what I'd do. I've tried multiple times to discuss it with my husband. I feel like he is holding me at arms length in fear that someday i will hurt him. there is not enough of an emotional connection in our relationship to keep me happy. so i'm slowly falling out of love with him. so, i've talked to him and told him whats going on. if we can't fix it we will get divorced. i hate to do that,because i care for him, but i can't be married to someone who is emotionally distant.