Does smelling bleach make you sick?

United States
November 28, 2007 4:42pm CST
I've been helping my Landlord with some cleaning in a couple of apartments that are vacant. They're elderly and she had mentioned to me that the people living in the 2 apartments left them pretty dirty, mainly the bathrooms. So I told her I would go and clean the kitchens and the bathrooms in the apartments for her. I went over there today and got started, OMH! The bathrooms are unreal, but thats besides the point. lol She bought some cleaning products for mold and mildew to get rid of all the black mold and soap scum on the shower doors and the walls of the shower. It took me like 2 hours almost just to get the bathroom clean. Yeah! Pretty nasty! Well there is obviously bleach in the mold and mildew cleaner, I could smell it! I thought I had the place pretty venilated with cross windows open, the fan over the stove going and the fan in the bathroom going. WRONG! Im smelling bleach and tasting bleach and my head is killing me!! Is anyone else this sensitive to bleach or any products with bleach in them?? I've always been like this, so I was just wondering if anyone else is like this too. Can you take one whiff of bleach and it stays with you all day when ever you drink or eat anything? Do you have any remedies to rid your nose of the smell?? Any suggestions for what I could to to eliminate this problem when I go to do the second aparmtment tomorrow?? Bay Lay Gray xx