Stiff neck!!!

November 29, 2007 11:02am CST
They say that it is best to be laying flat on your back to keep your posture straight and also to give yourself a good sleep. I usually like to have two fluffy and big pillows either both for my head to lay on or one for my head and the other in between my legs, which I prefer a long hotdog shaped pillow. But in most instances, I end up with a stiff neck when I wake up. Presently, I have a stiff neck and it's been for days. I like to sleep with a lot of pillows but if I have to suffer like this, I may think twice. LOL, I should know better to prevent causing me pain in the neck. But how about you? How many pillows do you like to sleep with and how comfortable are you? What are the causes of your stiff neck, if ever you get one? Do you have suggestions in how to sleep better without getting a stiff neck?
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@NailTech (6892)
• United States
15 Feb 12
I had a stiff neck the other day and I was wondering what the cause was. I have to sleep with one pillow, cause two are just too high for me. However the pillow should be soft-like and not overly firm. I have a smaller sized bed but thats cause I have a small room to sleep in. I would suggest to sleep flat and with your head and neck straight and not bending anyway on the pillow. Legs straight out too if it's possible, I end up sleeping in all different ways, & when I'm up I find myself having headaches too often in the a.m. though.
@lilaclady (28270)
• Australia
5 Feb 12
I don't think I could sleep by laying flat on my back, and I have two pillows as well, I am not sure many people would lay flat on their back to sleep, be very hard I think.