Giuliani has connections to terrorists?

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November 29, 2007 3:00pm CST Okay, Olbermann, I've found to be fairly informational about tidbits of stuff that actually matter. Forgive me, 'cause today my head's kinda foggy..but..why hasn't this come out anywhere else or before? What do you think about this piece of fairly mainstream news?
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30 Nov 07
Wow, no takers on this one, eh? Not surprised. Anyhoo... I saw this go through the bulletins the other night, but didn't have time to watch the video. Giuliani is as dirty as they come, and further proof will not stop the media from glorifying him. He is only there to begin with because he can't beat Hillary, and has no intentions of doing so. According to election rules, or whatever ya wanna call them, candidates get to keep whatever they don't spend if they are not elected. Thus yet another reason Giuliani is running, IMO. I knew about the mafia connections concerning his dad and brother, but the terrorism connection does not surprise me in the least. If it'll spend, he'll take it and not give a rat's azz who he harms to do so, which IMO, he has already proven by the way the 9/11 cleanup was handled. May Oberman be blessed with a long, fruitful life so he can keep exposing these basturds! Thanks for bringing this to my attention and providing info for those who wish to be informed. ...just a few things I found to back Oberman.
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1 Dec 07
Heh, no. I had a hope that you'd respond to this at least..though secretly I had thought at least some stranger might stumble onto this.. Didn't really think they would, though, heh. Ah well. Awesome info-ness you found that *thumbs up* Yeah...Giuliani's awful. I don't know HOW anyone could be so ignorant enough to actually WANT him to be president. I mean how many more reasons do people need NOT to? I mean there's been..what five VERY good reasons so far? BIG reasons, which if they'd happened to Bush before he got elected the first time, he NEVER would've made office.. I dunno. It just shows the state of things I guess. *nods solemnly* Long live Olbermann, and may he always have the means to report the things that really matter.