Is Facebook turning stupid?

@CatNPK (461)
United States
November 29, 2007 9:09pm CST
Perhaps, it's actually better than ever. When I first started using facebook, it was a refreshing alternative to myspace. No ads, no gimmicks, just plain message boards, pictures, and other communication methods between friends. With the addition of various gadgets and glitz, has facebook turned stupid?
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@Thomakis (45)
21 Dec 07
I have to admit, some of the applications are excellent, and there are clearly some creative minds at work here. Correct me if i'm wrong, but applications are created by various non-professional parties (not official facebook staff). In this case, however, some of the applications clearly reflect that just about anyone can make an application. I say this, because, some of them are incredibly stupid. Another problem is that if you have a friends list of over 300 and have 10+ applications installed, chances are, you get massive e-mails from all your different applications. If you don't, you get massive amounts of application requests, which - if you have an old computer - could take literally hours to clear. I would prefer it if you could simply deny an application just once, and never receive a request for it again (but still be able to find the application through search and install it yourself if you change your mind). Anyway, I like the applications, but it's a bit much, and some of them are really horrific.